My thoughts~

In a world where there is a certain good versus evil scenario how can you be sure of what team your on. Right and Wrong cannot be defined except by social standards and I refuse to accept that. Basic Human nature is to do bad and get away with it. We are animals in the most primitive sense yet feel as though we are above all else. I find myself guilty of this manner as well, and not even on that scale but by elevating myself to an even higher pedestal of being above others of our own species. People as a whole need this feeling of making others inferior or having themselves bolstered. Now I ask myself, is this an issue even possible of being resolved. The answer, yes. How so? to go about doing this would be would take a lifetime. I myself would love to be free of the social constrictions bound to us by having to be accepted by our peers and others. Even now as I write this I realize that it will be seen, processed, and judged by others. But i ask you not to judge or analyze my points or even accept them. This is me writing for the sake expressing myself and it serves no other purpose. Is this not how a blog is suppose to function? 

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